Friday Tea Break: Floating Leaves

I have several favorite tea suppliers, each of which does something different well.  Northern Lights Tea Company sells high-quality sustainability-focused teas (especially their Japanese greens); Tea Source sells at least one tea for everyone, whether you like prize-winning Ceylons or candysweet herbals; Breakaway Matcha sells what I think is the most delicious matcha on the market, albeit at really high prices.

I eventually decided that, if I had to start by recommending just one vendor, I’d recommend Floating Leaves Tea.   This blog is meant to help people find high-quality, reasonably-priced products. Floating Leaves Tea’s Taiwanese oolongs are the best I’ve ever had and incredibly reasonably priced for their quality.  They’re so good, in fact, that they converted a friend who thought she hated oolongs.

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