Adulting, Formal-Style: 15″ Laptop Bags That Resemble Purses

There are a lot of purely functional laptop bags out there.  If you’re looking for that, my top recommendation is the Timbuk2 Command, which is super-sturdy and also has a neat feature that makes it easier to take through airport security.  (The water bottle holder is a little small, though.)

However, if you are a professional and/or are at all vain, you might want something more formal-looking.  Structured.  But also, you probably want a bag with actual functioning pockets and/or organization, and maybe one that will not kill your shoulders.  This post is for you!

I have not actually tried any of these bags.  (Largely because right now I do not have a functioning laptop, and getting one is a higher priority than getting a bag for it!)  But, as you’ll see, I have done ridiculous amounts of research into their functionality.

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Dagne Dover Sale

Timely!  Some discontinued colors of the Mini tote I reviewed last week are on final sale on Dagne Dover’s website through 4/10.  Bright red, bright blue,  basically any shade of muted and/or metallic pink, dalmatian print, hideous olive, and hideous blue-and-white print versions are on sale for $129-$189–it’s usually a $245 bag.    I’m not planning on taking advantage myself– if I get a new one at any point it’ll be in a more neutral color that will let me more easily replace the crossbody strap.


If you were interested in their laptop bags, there are also a few of those available in various colors.  Full sale is here.

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