Ureshii Design: A Love Letter

I… I mean review.

When I bought my first shirt from Ureshii Design, the intention was to get a few versatile well-fitting basics to make my wardrobe more cohesive.  What I ended up doing instead was entirely replacing half my wardrobe.  Their clothes are so comfortable and so well-fitting that I couldn’t bring myself to wear anything else.

As I’ve gotten to know the brand, I’ve only gotten to like Ureshii Design more.  The prices Emily and Amanda charge for their clothing are absurdly low for a made-to-measure service, especially one that only works with sustainable fabrics.  But they do all the sewing themselves, so you can be sure no one’s getting paid unfair wages.   Not only that, they do made-to-measure well: they consider measurements other companies don’t, and they use (optional!) self-submitted photographs to make sure your clothing really fits right.

They’ve got a wide range of designs, colors, fits, and fabrics.  They’re constantly adding more, and they’re happy to make tweaks to their designs for you.  Heck, they actually invented a design for me just because I wanted to dress like the inferior Batman.  The main reason I haven’t reviewed Ureshii already is, honestly, I had no idea how to coalesce infinite fangirling and half my wardrobe into a review.  This is my best effort.

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Dagne Dover Sale

Timely!  Some discontinued colors of the Mini tote I reviewed last week are on final sale on Dagne Dover’s website through 4/10.  Bright red, bright blue,  basically any shade of muted and/or metallic pink, dalmatian print, hideous olive, and hideous blue-and-white print versions are on sale for $129-$189–it’s usually a $245 bag.    I’m not planning on taking advantage myself– if I get a new one at any point it’ll be in a more neutral color that will let me more easily replace the crossbody strap.


If you were interested in their laptop bags, there are also a few of those available in various colors.  Full sale is here.

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Interesting, Durable Jewelry That Goes With Everything

I like jewelry that’s versatile!  But I also dislike most conventionally versatile jewelry.  I have never worn a string of pearls or diamond studs.  (Unless I wore diamond studs when I got my ears pierced.  I was four, the main thing I remember is that getting my ears pierced made me cry so my Mom took me to Popeyes for some extremely salty biscuits.)

Anyway!  Here is versatile jewelry that I do not dislike.  Spoiler: mostly it is minimalist and geometric.

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Effective Skincare Ingredients: Salicylic Acid

I’ve had problems with acne my entire life.   I also have extremely sensitive skin.  I tried everything, from over-the-counter toners and fancy face washes to topical antibiotics, Retin-A, and even Accutane.  Nothing actually kept my breakouts away.  And most of the stuff I tried made my skin hurt even if it did kind of work.

Then, at the age of 29, my brother’s awesome fiance directed me towards my very first useful consumer-directed resources about skincare.  I discovered that “I tried everything” wasn’t as true as I thought it was: the stuff I’d tried had been poorly formulated, and/or I hadn’t had enough instruction about how to use it.  Since I got the opportunity to learn more, I use a lot fewer products than I did, my routine is less complicated, nothing hurts to put on, and my acne is gone.    (Except around periods.  But even then, my hormonal breakouts are significantly better.)

The product I’ve used that’s made the most difference is a properly formulated salicylic acid exfoliant.  Which is amazing, considering that salicylic acid was one of the first ingredients I tried and dismissed.

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Friday Snack Break: Herbivorous Butcher

I became vegetarian as a gradual thing about 12 years ago.  After a brief period of missing the weirdest things (gefilte fish, pastrami, Sichuan pickled cabbage fish), I stopped missing meat entirely.  Honestly, that’s made it easier to be vegetarian.  Most vegetarian or vegan meat substitutes are mediocre to terrible.

The Herbivorous Butcher, a relative newcomer, is neither mediocre nor terrible.  They’ve gotten a lot of national and international press in the last few months, and they’ve developed an overwhelming local cult following.  (Justin and I went to Twin Cities Veg Fest last year, and the line just to buy their products was about 100 people deep the entire time we were at the festival.)  However, I can’t blame the other patrons for waiting in line.  The wait is totally worth it.

No, this is not an April Fools’ post.

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Wallis Evera Review

I’ve struggled a lot with this review, because I feel incredibly positive about Wallis Evera but many of my reasons are intangible.  Sure, Wallis Evera dresses are eco-friendly, durable, work-appropriate, ethically made, and beautiful.  Sure, they have pockets.   But what I really liked about Wallis Evera’s dresses, what outweighed the dry-clean-only and slightly-itchy-on-me, is that they feel natural on me instead of like I’m playing dress-up.


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Deep End: Clothing Analytics

Google “wardrobe essentials” and you get: “30 Fashion Staples to Have By 30.” “The 14 Timeless Pieces You Shouldn’t Live Without.”   “Everyday Basics Your Closet Needs.”  Those articles are bogus, guys.  There is no specific article of clothing everyone needs.  People have different audiences, different life experiences, and different personal preferences.  Nothing’s “missing” from your wardrobe if you’ve got enough to suit you.

However, a lot of people don’t know whether they have enough to suit them.  They follow the process I used to: they try stuff on in clothing stores, and if it fits OK and is reasonably priced and they don’t hate the color, they take it home.  And then they feel like their outfits are incoherent and they never look put together.  So they buy more stuff in the hopes that this time they’ll like their wardrobe.

What helped me is to be more analytical.  Here’s the thought process I used to start feeling happy in what I was wearing.


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DD Atelier Warehouse Clearance

US-based busty women: DD Atelier, one of the better full-busted clothing options, is closing their US warehouse.  So far as I know, you’ll still be able to order from them, but clothing will be shipped to you from Russia instead off from New Jersey.  On the bright side, this means they have a lot of stuff on sale right now through 4/1, like this dress:


Now’s a pretty good time to give them a try.

H/t Hourglassy.

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