Companies I Like

Men’s Clothing:


The most beautiful men’s cotton dress shirts I have ever seen.  They also sell very lovely ties, very nice socks, and boring t-shirts.  Sizes 15 to 18.5.

Ministry of Supply

Sartorial science!  Dress clothing and t-shirts in NASA-engineered fabrics that wick moisture and odor and/or regulate temperature; design that vents heat at appropriate places and allows for range of motion.  Sizes XS to XXL.  Owner won the Guinness World Record for fastest half marathon in a suit. (Wearing his company’s suit, of course.)


Women’s Clothing:


Comfortable, affordable dresses for most body types– and they actually show you how they look on different body types!  Transparent manufacturing. Up to XL.

Ureshii Design*

My favoritest clothing company.  Everything Ureshii makes is made-to-measure in absurdly comfortable, eco-friendly fabric.  The Canadian owners, Emily and Amanda, do all the sewing and designing themselves, and they are nerdy and awesome.

Wallis Evera

Unusually-designed, eco-friendly, work-appropriate sheath dresses with actual roomy, functional pockets.  Also lovely-looking pencil skirts and camisoles that I haven’t tried. Made in Canada.  Sizes 2-18.



Dagne Dover*

Sturdy, structured, beautiful canvas and leather purses that are intuitively organized and water-resistant inside and out.


Two Argentinian sisters who make innovative, modernist jewelry that goes with everything.



Paula’s Choice (refer-a-friend link)

Scientifically proven to work.  (They even cite their sources and explain their ingredients.)  Website has an extremely useful directory of educational advice and of skincare/makeup reviews.  Not tested on animals.  USA-made.




Not all their shoes are beautiful, but they’re all comfy, and at least one style a season is something I like.

Ziera (link goes to a Ziera retailer)

Basically the only brand of shoes I consistently like the look of and that are arch supportive and wide enough for me.  Australian, so kind of hard to track down in the United States.


Fabric Suppliers (for DIYers):

Kendor Textiles

Sustainable, super-comfy fabrics in vivid colors.  Here is an interview with the owner.


Their modals are excellent.


Edibles and Drinkables (for fun):

Breakaway Matcha

Thus far, the most delicious matcha I have ever had.  Which I am sad about, because it is also by far the most expensive matcha I have ever had.

Floating Leaves Tea*

A Taiwanese woman who sources the best Oolongs I’ve ever had.

Herbivorous Butcher*

The best fake meats on the market– I’ve served their Italian Sausage to carnivores who’ve loved it.

Tea Source*

They have something for literally everyone’s taste.  If you like toasty, sweet oolongs, try their Amber Oolong or their Formosa Honey Oolong.  If you like fruity flavored teas, try the Green Mango.  If you have the opposite of my taste, try Evening in Missoula or Minnesota Nice.  Also, if you live in Minnesota, the baristas are the best.