Happy New Year!

It’s been a while.  I’ve had lots of work stuff to do, but I wanted to wish you all a better year than the last.

Also: if you’re a busty lady looking for affordable, high-quality tops, Front Room is having a sale of the remainder of their stuff.  (They’re switching over to a different sales model and clearing out their remaining stock.) Anything remaining by tomorrow is going to charity, so if you’ve been wanting to pick something up, now’s the time.  I own several pieces of their clothing, and everything I’ve gotten has been versatile and well-crafted.  I particularly recommend this blouse.

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Post Delay!

This week’s post has been delayed because I’m being too thorough about getting some hard details about the pants I’m finally reviewing.  I expect to hear back soon, though, and I promise you this post will be giant.

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Six months, I started a new full-time job, moved across the country, bought a lovely house which has nonetheless been a surprising time sink (bamboo!  surprise broken AC!  water leaking out of the ceiling from the newly installed AC!), and also got so sick that being on my feet for more than 10 minutes at a time made me want to pass out.  Basically, it’s been six months of my life overwhelming my blogging.

But I’ve missed it, and that’s finally, finally all settling down.  Expect to hear from me a lot more soon: I’m tentatively planning on updating every Monday, and I have a bunch of blog topics stored up.  (As always, feel welcome to either comment or drop me an email if you want specific advice on something!)

In the meanwhile, sad news for busty ladies: DD Atelier is closing its doors for good in less than a week.  If you wanted to buy any of their remaining stock, now’s the time.   Front Room is also currently having an end-of-season sale, and I recommend basically everything of theirs I’ve ever bought.  (The stock hasn’t changed much over the year because the founder’s been sick.)

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Less Commotion, More Content!

Hello again, everyone!

I’ve been having a massive (but very positive) life upheavals for the past few months: basically, I interviewed for and got a new job, moved across the country for it, and bought a house.  Trying to juggle all that while working full-time may not have been my wisest life choice, but everything’s turned out surprisingly well.

What that means for my readers is within a week or two I should be able to write regular content again.  I have plenty of ideas stored up, but do you have any requests?

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Flight Delay

Friday’s scheduled content will appear on Monday.  My flight is delayed an entire day!  Luckily, I am not quite stranded in Dallas.  Unluckily, I have no cat picture to tide you over this time.

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But Why?

I started this blog because you’re not alone in your search for:

  • skincare that actually works and is scientifically proven
  • beautiful, comfy clothing that fits and won’t fall apart after three wears
  • shoes that are supportive without being hideous
  • more ethical options in clothing, accessories, shoes, and skincare

I don’t promise that I’m on-trend.  I do promise that I’m a giant nerd about everything I recommend.

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