Post Delay!

This week’s post has been delayed because I’m being too thorough about getting some hard details about the pants I’m finally reviewing.  I expect to hear back soon, though, and I promise you this post will be giant.


Six months, I started a new full-time job, moved across the country, bought a lovely house which has nonetheless been a surprising time sink (bamboo!  surprise broken AC!  water leaking out of the ceiling from the newly installed AC!), and… Continue Reading

Flight Delay

Friday’s scheduled content will appear on Monday.  My flight is delayed an entire day!  Luckily, I am not quite stranded in Dallas.  Unluckily, I have no cat picture to tide you over this time.


Today’s my birthday, so not much content.  I can remind you that the Front Room Semi-Annual Sale publicly starts today.  And now, in lieu of clothing and skincare recommendations, have a picture of one of my cats.  

But Why?

I started this blog because you’re not alone in your search for: skincare that actually works and is scientifically proven beautiful, comfy clothing that fits and won’t fall apart after three wears shoes that are supportive without being hideous more ethical options in clothing, accessories,… Continue Reading