Monthly Roundup: Useful Links

Here are a few especially useful or especially interesting a few things I’ve found within the last month or so!

 10 Fashion and Beauty Brands Expanding the Definition of ‘Nude’.  Because seriously, not everyone is beige-colored.

To this list, I’d like to add Meow Cosmetics, an indie mineral cosmetics line that has the widest color range of foundations that I have ever seen. I absolutely guarantee they have a perfect color match to your skin– and they offer samples, so it’s easy to figure out which one it is.

JCPenney Launching New Plus-Size Line In New “Boutique” Sections In Stores, Online. Not sure how I generally feel about JCPenney, but now they’ve put an actual famous plus-sized person who is actually experienced with plus-size design in charge of designing their plus clothing.  Cool move, JCP.

Hard Water And Your Hair.  This one especially helped me this month!  I always love Science-y Hair Care Blog.  I apparently live in a place with enormously hard water (like, 2x the limit for ‘very hard water’), and the suggestions in this post have helped change my hair from “what the hell is happening” to “mildly grippier than my ordinary hair.”

How To Let Go Of The Guilt Of Letting Go.  In order to keep my life even remotely together, I need to keep my stuff to a minimum, but I have a tendency to hold on to sentimental stuff.  Over the years I’ve developed a few strategies for helping with this– create a special closed “memory box” to hold small physical items with positive memories, take a digital picture of larger things before getting rid of them (Justin’s idea)– but sometimes you just need to let go of stuff.  This post can help.

Catalog Choice.  And speaking of letting go of stuff: Catalog Choice can help!  this is a nonprofit that helps you cancel your subscriptions to catalogs and other kinds of junk mail.

The Corporette Guide to Suits. Useful for anyone looking for suits from larger, well-known labels. Also, deeply sorry for the issues with formatting earlier.

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