I started this blog because I hear a lot from fashionistas “obsessed” with particular articles of clothing, but I hear very little about why.

I want to make it easier for women and men to find clothing, shoes, and accessories that are pragmatic and presentable.  I want to help people learn about skincare and hair care that actually has a scientific basis for working.  I want to nerd out about materials and ingredients with you. And I’d like to share the occasional esoterica: expect breaks for tea, bellydance gear, and vegan snacks.

I promise that anything I’ll ever direct you towards will be a thing I personally love, a thing I’m interested in trying, or a thing that I genuinely believe you’ll want to try.  I’m not trying to sell you anything.  I do know a few small companies doing great work, though.  You’ve probably never heard of them.


Want to ask me something?  Drop me a line at lishan@reasonablypresentable.com .