Where To Buy Fabric Masks

The CDC just advised that people should wear cloth masks when they go out. But unless you’ve been, say, obsessively compiling resources on COVID-19 for weeks, you might not know where to get them, and might be tempted to use desperately-needed disposable masks instead. Luckily, uh, well, let’s just say I’ve been keeping track of who’s been pivoting to mask-making, and I can help! I’ll add to this list as I find more.

  1. Volante Design offers masks on a sliding fee scale: you can purchase them at cost ($5) if you don’t have much money. Everything I’ve ever seen them make is ridiculously durable, and they include room for polypropylene filters that they’ll be selling shortly. They also sell the filter material, if you’re a DIYer. Orders ship the week of April 27.
  2. Eco-friendly masks for $10-14, in partnership with an ethical fashion incubator. Offsets the cost of sending masks to hospitals. Sold out of everything but the Everyday Face Mask right now.
  3. Collection of black-owned businesses selling face masks. Printed Pattern People and Samaria Leah are sold out; Sonson is sold out unless you want a matching head scarf; CR Clothing Co is sold out until 4/17 but has kids’ masks in stock.
  4. Kordal Studio is selling masks, $20 for 3. Proceeds after they break even go to Meals on Wheels. Ships in May.
  5. Flipside Hats is offering double-layer cotton masks for $22.
  6. Now through the end of April, Ureshii Design is offering free face masks (or undies, or twist-turban hairbands) with any purchase over $50. Put a note in the checkout with your choice. And honestly, I think they’re one of the few fashion companies worth purchasing actual clothes from right now: all of their clothing legitimately feels like pajamas, and they continue to be basically the perfect fashion company in every other way. When they’re out of elastic, though, they can’t get it restocked, so the number of masks they can offer right now is limited only to customers.
  7. UZI NYC is also offering free masks with purchase.
  8. On the total opposite end of the purchasing spectrum, I’ve never purchased anything from Shein, but my friend has. They’re as far as I can tell a cheap Chinese fast fashion place that offers both fashion masks and fashion face shields attached to bucket hats.
  9. Nora Gardner has also pivoted to face masks, $15 apiece.
  10. If you want masks that are extraordinarily tone deaf and $29 but pretty, Melodia Designs can basically always help you out with both those things. (They’re an American company known for their dance and yoga clothing. Their pants are comfortable and beautiful, but they also thought ‘Melorial Day’ was a good plan for a Memorial Day campaign.)
  11. Generally, Etsy. A ton of Etsy sellers have pivoted to face masks.

If you do buy a fabric face mask, make sure to wash it after every single time you wear it out. Reuse of cloth face masks is one of the things that makes them ineffective.


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