Speed Review: MM. LaFleur Rankin 2.0 Top

Please excuse the photos today, it’s pouring outside and my photo-color-adjusting PC is out of commission.  Whee, getting back into the swing of posting!

I’m generally skeptical of MM. LaFleur’s ‘bust-friendly’ filter.  Multiple shirts under that filter fit me anywhere from ‘terrible sack’ (yes, Didion, I’m talking about you) to it-would-be-perfect-if-they-added-just-a-tiny-bit-more-fabric-across-the-bust (Bourgeois Blouse).  I impulse-bought the Rankin 2.0 top anyway because of MM.LaFleur’s recurrent combination of impeccable style and convincing branding (a shirt that makes it look like I tried really hard when I actually just threw a thing on?  Yesplz.)

It arrived in the mail today, and I’m actually kind of surprised by how it turned out, so I thought I’d show you.

On the website, the Rankin 2.0 basically looked like the upper half of MM.LaFleur’s famous Tory dress with a side tie. The Tory has never fit me perfectly in the bust, and I thought this would be similar.  It’s not, even though it is made of a similar material.  Unlike the Tory,  the top of this wrap isn’t sewn closed– rather, they deal with the inevitable problem of wrap shirt gapping by including a built-in camisole of a complementary, but not identical color, which they inexplicably did not include in any of the photos on the website.

Surprise camisole!  Half-yawn-half-smile!

So this shirt does actually do a decent job of accomodating you regardless of bust size while still looking sharp!  While you’re standing, that is.  When you sit, the wrap portion of this tends to get a bit… slouchy.

The color’s truer to life in the previous picture. It’s not quite this bright.

Overall, I like it,  but I think I’d like it better if the wrap portion secured at least somewhat when you sit down.   And seriously, why is the camisole part of this garment not visible in one single picture on the website?  If you’re interested in getting it, though, you might have to wait a bit– it’s from the MM collection that came out last week, but it’s already sold out in both colors.

(I also still have intensely conflicted feelings about MM. LaFleur, but that’s a subject for a way longer future post.)

Edit 7/18/2017: Before I even had a chance to wash this shirt, one of the threads holding the tie in place broke.  I can still tie it on the side, but I actually haveto tie it, and tying it myself looks far less graceful than the way they had it set up.  I reached out to their customer service, and thus far they’ve been really nice and helpful: I’ll let you know if they make any changes to future iterations of this shirt to keep this problem from happening again.



  1. I’ve been eyeing this top for a while! It’s a really nice color. I wasn’t sure about the tie at the side, not sure if it would look bulky on a petite frame. I had no idea it came with a camisole! Thanks for the review!

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