Beija Flor Jeans Update: Avoid the Sarah Knit Pant

I feel sad saying that, because they’re an *absurdly* comfortable material, but I’ve had three significant issues with the Sarah knit pant that make me want to warn others about it.  (Also, I feel silly calling it a ‘pant’ in the singular, even though that’s Beija Flor’s language, so ‘pants’ it will be from here on.)

  1. They shrank after the first wash.  That wasn’t a problem for me, as I was going to have to get them hemmed, but when I brought them to the tailor they were already the right length.  Still, this is a big deal if you’re tall, or if the Sarah pants fit you right when you tried them on.  In fairness on this point, I don’t remember if I washed them in the proper water temperature.
  2. They slide down on me constantly.  The fabric’s so smooth that they keep slipping enough that they’re uncomfortable and honestly, a little obscene.  I have to pull them up every five minutes or so.  They’re the same size as my other two Beija Flor pants, so it’s not just a sizing issue.
  3.   They are wearing out fast.  Rayons in general are not exactly durable, and I tug on these pants all the time, but they’ve already developed holes at the seams along the hips.  I’ve only owned them for four months.  That’s not what I expect for a pair of pants that cost over $100 apiece.

So basically: don’t waste your money, but please do tell me if you’ve found a pair of soft, flexible, work-appropriate pants that stay on.


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