Friday Snack Break: HungryRoot

I recommend HungryRoot with some reluctance.  Their food is “healthy” in several ways that are trendy rather than evidence-based (lots of gluten-free stuff when the real problem is probably FODMAPS, ‘veggie-centric’ but no leafy greens whatsoever, though I can understand the latter for storage reasons).  However, if you’re just wanting vegetarian food that’s incredibly delicious– like, five-star restaurant good for the best stuff– I can recommend some of their stuff to you.  I really like their:

  • Smashed Roots (they’re like mashed potatoes with an incredible depth of flavor without getting rid of the comfort factor)
  • Brownie Batter (it can be cooked, but it’s so good that I’ve just eaten it out of the container so far)
  • Spiced Boniato Vanilla Custard (creamy, rich, and probably really high on the satiety index),

all of which are ready-to-eat.  Also: their portions are all bigger than they appear to be in website pictures.

I didn’t personally like any of their main meals I had: they were all decent, but not great, and they were what I like to call ‘worldsy’– food for people who want to feel worldly but who don’t really want to know what their food is actually supposed to taste like.  I particularly noticed it with the ‘sriracha peanut’ entree, which did not taste like sriracha, and the ‘korean scallion gochujang’ entree, which tasted nothing like gochujang.  Their tofu was okay, but for $3 for 8 tiny cubes, I wanted it to be spectacular.  (They also offer chicken for non-vegetarians.)
If you want to give them a try, here’s a referral link.  I think it’s supposed to give you 20% off!  If it doesn’t, the code NATIONWIDE should do it.
I’d definitely discourage you from getting their tofu add-ons, though.  It tastes fine, but you get the tiniest portion in the world for $3. I could get an entire block of tofu for less than they’re charging.

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