Bust-Friendly Dress Shirts, Part 2: DD Atelier

DD Atelier is a Russia-based company that makes way more interesting and structured clothing than most bust-friendly retailers do.  I don’t always agree with their choice of fabrics, but that’s a matter of personal preference: everything they make looks youthful and fun even if I’m not personally a fan of gingham.  Also, their clothing fits me really well, once I figured out what my size was.  (This shirt is an 80F, and I originally thought I was an 85D).  For the price, it’s ridiculously well-constructed, and the fabrics and fit are both way nicer than the Pepperberry shirt I bought 8 years ago.  Also, my friends implied that I looked like Neo from The Matrix, which I consider a compliment.

DD Atelier: Stand-Up Collar Shirt, $31

Solution to the bust gape problem:  Fits according to bust and waist size, along with more narrowly-spaced buttons than average.  Also, stretch cotton helps.


This shirt no longer shows up on their website, but the link still works and a few sizes seem to not be sold out, so I’m going to link to it anyway!

I bought this shirt on clearance, and it has the best fit of any dress shirt I’ve ever bought off the rack.  It fits close to my body, it’s reasonably modest, and it even hits me at the widest part of my hips, which shirts are never long enough to do.  I probably could have gone up a bust size, surprisingly to me (increasingly sure I am wearing the wrong bra size) but seriously, look how well this fits.


The construction on everything DD Atelier makes is wonderful.  Occasionally I’ve found that the quality of their clothes fasteners is not the greatest– for example, these buttons are kind of cheap– but what’s more important is that they’re sewn on solidly, and having so many of them really did help keep the shirt secured at the bust.  The fabric of this shirt is somewhat thin, but it’s a nice, smooth cotton poplin.


I’m pretty sure it’s not wrinkle-resistant, but I mostly prioritize comfort over wrinkle-resistance.  Most relevantly, it’s a $31 button-up that actually looks good on me.  That’s basically impossible.

Most of the dress shirts DD Atelier currently has in stock are a cotton/poly blend, which is not generally to my taste (but might to be yours)!   If you like white blouses, their DD-Basics shirt in White is 96% cotton, 4% elastane.

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