Awesome, Extremely Expensive Coats: The Nerdy Edition

Have you ever wanted to look like Dante from Devil May Cry?  Rey from Force Awakens?  Link from Zelda?  The entire cast of Assassin’s Creed?  Then you are my people.  Also, there is a company that makes the perfect clothing for you.  It’s nerdy while still somehow looking sophisticated and sharp, and they design stuff that’s super-durable, much of which you can also move around in easily.

…if you have the right figure for it, and/or if you can afford the stuff they make to measure.  I bought one stupendously amazing vest from Volante Design, and the process of trying to get it altered has convinced me I cannot buy any of their stuff unless they make it to my measurements.

Volante Design

(coats $150-460 off the rack, $540-$1500 made to order)

Volante Design’s stuff is almost all colorblocked, topstitched, and/or cut at sharp, interesting angles.  Which looks awesome in a very particular superhero or video game character way.

However, apparently superheroes never need to get alterations.  Because when colorblocking is that intricate, it’s a lot harder to get it to fit your form without making the colorblocking uneven or asymmetrical.


This is my Volante Design vest after $70 worth of very complicated alterations.  As you can see, it still doesn’t look quite right, because according to the highly experienced seamstress, the only way to get it to stop bunching like that is to make the colorblocking lopsided.

I can’t bear to get rid of it, though.  Everything in that vest is solid.  The fabrics are strong and beautiful, the buttons are metal and more firmly anchored than buttons I’ve paid to get resewn on.   Not to mention I spent what to me is an absurd amount of money on it because I wanted to look like a superhero.

Poses and all.

My suggestion for female readers, even though I feel creepy saying so: look at the model’s figure on the website.  If her bustline, waist, and hips are all roughly vertically aligned with yours, you’re probably good to buy Volante stuff.  If they’re not, good luck.

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