Awesome, Extremely Expensive Coats: The Ethics Edition

Sorry for the lack of new content lately.  Contract work has been taking up a lot of my time!

But I do have a few things lined up.  Namely: I have a hobby of Internets-staring at beautiful, expensive coats.  There’s something so expressive and dramatic about them.   Through this hobby, obviously I’ve come up with a few different favorite coats for different reasons!  Today I’m going to introduce you to one: the most universally ethical fancy coat maker on the market.  Vaute Couture is a manufacturer and designer of vegan, eco-friendly, made-in-the-USA dress coats.

For The Ethical: Vaute Couture

(coats $255-580)

Vaute began when its vegan owner, Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart, realized that there was no such thing as a vegan winter dress coat.  She took it upon herself to fill that niche.

Anything from Vaute is approximately the most ethical clothing it is possible to buy, no matter what direction you’re approaching ‘ethics’ from.  Care about the environment?  All of their clothing is made from organic and/or recycled fibers.  Care about people?  Their clothing is made and designed in the United States (or in Canada for their Canadian customers).  Care about animals?  Everything they make is vegan.

And it’s pretty cool-looking, too!  I like the Emily.

SALE: The EMILY In Insulated Moleskin - Multiple Colors

I haven’t actually tried any of their coats.  I’m not willing to order something that costs between $255 and $520 that I’m uncertain will be warm enough for winters in the Midwest.  The fact that the Internet can only show me picture of their stuff on smaller-chested women gives me every indication they would not fit on me. A note on their website does too: they say the Traveler has room in the bust, the Emily looks good if you wear the top part unzipped, and the Belden works if you move the buttons over.  (I am especially disinclined to try that one because I have had tailors actually refuse to move buttons over for me because it would ruin the lines of the coat.)

Also, a lot of them are either puffer coats, which I am not very fond of, or have very large lapels, which are unflattering on my frame.  But if those work for you, Vaute is a great option for pretty and maximum ethics.

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