Oops: A Miniature MM LaFleur Giveaway

Last month, I bought the MM. LaFleur Didion in Cornflower Blue in size L.  It looks beautiful in all of the pictures online of people wearing it, but unfortunately, it does not look beautiful on me.  Busty women: do not buy this one.  However, it’s a sturdy, nice-looking blouse for people with not my figure, and I’d love for it to find a happy new home.

(Full disclosure: I also don’t love the fabric, but there’s nothing wrong with it.  I certainly wouldn’t say it “feels like your favorite t-shirt,” like they do, but I also think Ureshii might have spoiled me on comfy fabric.)

The Didion is unworn except to try it on, and we live in a non-smoking home.  To enter this impromptu giveaway, ask me something!  Either something you’d like advice on, or something about me, or, I don’t know, something about Chinese literature.  (My favorite Chinese author: Lu Xun.)   If there are people interested in a tiny new blog’s out-of-pocket giveaway, I’ll pick a winner at random on Tuesday, 4/19.

Also, if anyone’s interested in getting a pair of Ziera shoes, Mar-Lou Shoes is having a small ($25) discount on each pair through 4/24.  The clearanced shoes at ShoeMill are still cheaper if they have them in a size and style that works for you, but if they don’t, Mar-Lou Shoes might be a good option.



  1. Not sure if this would fit me, but I just wanted to say I saw your silk blouse article linked from reddit and enjoyed your writing style, so I’ve been poking around the blog. Looking forward to reading more from you. Where are you located?

    • Hi there, and thanks for the compliment! I had no idea someone had linked to my silk blouse article on Reddit: I’m so glad people found it useful. I’m located in Minnesota.

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