Ureshii Design: A Love Letter

I… I mean review.

When I bought my first shirt from Ureshii Design, the intention was to get a few versatile well-fitting basics to make my wardrobe more cohesive.  What I ended up doing instead was entirely replacing half my wardrobe.  Their clothes are so comfortable and so well-fitting that I couldn’t bring myself to wear anything else.

As I’ve gotten to know the brand, I’ve only gotten to like Ureshii Design more.  The prices Emily and Amanda charge for their clothing are absurdly low for a made-to-measure service, especially one that only works with sustainable fabrics.  But they do all the sewing themselves, so you can be sure no one’s getting paid unfair wages.   Not only that, they do made-to-measure well: they consider measurements other companies don’t, and they use (optional!) self-submitted photographs to make sure your clothing really fits right.

They’ve got a wide range of designs, colors, fits, and fabrics.  They’re constantly adding more, and they’re happy to make tweaks to their designs for you.  Heck, they actually invented a design for me just because I wanted to dress like the inferior Batman.  The main reason I haven’t reviewed Ureshii already is, honestly, I had no idea how to coalesce infinite fangirling and half my wardrobe into a review.  This is my best effort.


Because I feel like I have done enough up-front fangirling.

Ureshii Patricia (in Emerald modal)


This is how it fits after I gained a significant amount of weight.  As you can see, it still looks great, even if I am standing like an awkward robot.   Also, this is the most comfortable shirt I own: modal feels even softer than their usual bamboo/cotton blend, and the draping on the sleeves eliminates even the range of motion constriction close-fitting long-sleeved shirts usually have.


Ureshii Hannah (in Black and Lemongrass bamboo)


I generally tend to find shirts with a loose or “relaxed” fit highly unflattering.  Somehow, Ureshii managed to get the proportions on this loose-fitting shirt flattering enough that it actually suits me.  Also, in case anyone’s curious, the shoes are the Ziera Blair I mentioned in my post on ballet flats with arch support.

The Hannah looks nice with my winter coat, too.  (Albeit it is a winter coat and therefore I do not usually wear it open.)


Ureshii Sideswipe (in Spruce bamboo)


I love the way this shirt looks on me.  It’s very form-fitting, and the ruching makes it flattering no matter what shape your form’s in.   It’s asymmetrical without being as revealing as that one-shoulder top half the world owns.  Also, the color is somehow a combination of three of my favorite colors (blue, green, so-dark-it’s-almost-black).

Ureshii Tudor (in Goldenrod rayon)


Exactly my kind of ridiculous.  Angular neckline, ridiculous shoulder ruching that manages to invoke the look of puffy sleeves without being immensely unflattering to the broad-shouldered… this is the shirt that drew me to Ureshii’s clothing in the first place.  Also, it’s my favorite color, which is tremendously hard to track down because apparently no one likes yellow.

Ureshii Anne shell (with Sweetheart shrug)

I like geometric prints, and Ureshii has some great ones.  This one was a pre-order fabric that they had extra of, and since purply-taupe is one of my favorite colors that’s also hard to track down, I went for it.  It’s my new date night shirt.


The shrug can be worn two different ways, too, which I like.


Ureshii Thierry


And how could I not include a shirt that was designed based on my request?  I feel like this one is the work-friendliest Ureshii shirt I own.

It’s also one of the best-layering of my favorites.  Not that you can really tell because it was so windy ouwhen I tried to photograph stuff.


There you go.  Those are my absolute favorites of theirs that I own.


Other Reasons To Try Ureshii Design:

1.  On their site, you can sort top patterns by how closely you want them to fit.

2.  Everyone who tries them likes them.  There aren’t many reviews out there, which I am trying to fix, but I have literally never seen a negative one.

3.  Emily and Amanda are the nicest people.  When I buy stuff from them I feel like I am not only buying things that are ethically made, but things that are ethically made by people who share life values with me.  Which is an unbelievably cool feeling!

Relatedly, they are nerds who chat about Daredevil, feminism, and cat shenanigans on their business Twitter feed.  Which means both that they are awesome and that they are one of the few businesses that actually understands social media.  Pro tip, businesses: no one reads social media to be advertised at.

4.  In case you want to learn more about their sustainability cred, here is an interview with one of their suppliers.

5.  They have a mix-and-match option that lets you easily grab features you like from various designs and stick them together  (It’s not limited to shirts.  They also have mix-and-match shirts and dresses.)

6.  They offer unusual necklines, colorblocking, and draping.  But if you’re interested in versatility more than personality, they have a few designs that work well as basics, too.  I think the Kate is really cool-looking, and it works well layered under basically anything.

7.  Made-to-measure means made-to-measure for everyone.  Their clothing is extremely plus-friendly, petite-friendly, tall-friendly… any fit problems you’ve ever had, they can help you with.


Ureshii’s few downsides

  1.  Bamboo rayon and modal both wrinkle.  The closely-fitted shirts smooth as soon as you put them on, and the wrinkles on the flowy stuff aren’t pronounced enough to bother me.
  2. The seams on the linen shrug I bought from them itched for a day.
  3.  The cocoon shrug frequently slips off my shoulders.


That’s literally everything bad I could come up with.  Ureshii Design is my favorite company for a reason!  I hope you’ll give them a try.



  1. My ureshii outfit for the 4(!?) weddings I’m attending this summer is in the mail, super excited to try them out!

    • Yay! I hope you like their stuff as much as I do! Definitely tell me what you think. And yeah, this really seems like the year of all the weddings. I am going to / participating in at least 3 this fall.

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