Wallis Evera Review

I’ve struggled a lot with this review, because I feel incredibly positive about Wallis Evera but many of my reasons are intangible.  Sure, Wallis Evera dresses are eco-friendly, durable, work-appropriate, ethically made, and beautiful.  Sure, they have pockets.   But what I really liked about Wallis Evera’s dresses, what outweighed the dry-clean-only and slightly-itchy-on-me, is that they feel natural on me instead of like I’m playing dress-up.


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Deep End: Clothing Analytics

Google “wardrobe essentials” and you get: “30 Fashion Staples to Have By 30.” “The 14 Timeless Pieces You Shouldn’t Live Without.”   “Everyday Basics Your Closet Needs.”  Those articles are bogus, guys.  There is no specific article of clothing everyone needs.  People have different audiences, different life experiences, and different personal preferences.  Nothing’s “missing” from your wardrobe if you’ve got enough to suit you.

However, a lot of people don’t know whether they have enough to suit them.  They follow the process I used to: they try stuff on in clothing stores, and if it fits OK and is reasonably priced and they don’t hate the color, they take it home.  And then they feel like their outfits are incoherent and they never look put together.  So they buy more stuff in the hopes that this time they’ll like their wardrobe.

What helped me is to be more analytical.  Here’s the thought process I used to start feeling happy in what I was wearing.


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DD Atelier Warehouse Clearance

US-based busty women: DD Atelier, one of the better full-busted clothing options, is closing their US warehouse.  So far as I know, you’ll still be able to order from them, but clothing will be shipped to you from Russia instead off from New Jersey.  On the bright side, this means they have a lot of stuff on sale right now through 4/1, like this dress:


Now’s a pretty good time to give them a try.

H/t Hourglassy.

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Internet Shopping: Now With Rebates!

Honestly, when a blogger introduced me to the idea of cash back sites, I thought they were the scammiest thing in the world.  Ebates’ YOU JUST WON THE SWEEPSTAKES! logo font certainly didn’t help matters.

But they really, legitimately do pay you money for clicking through their sites to shop.  Why?  Because, essentially, retailers are paying for the exposure.

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Quality Basic Tees For Every Budget

One of the things I feel crankiest about is that most basic clothing made today (especially women’s clothing) is flimsy, thin, and poorly stitched together, so that we’re encouraged to replace it every season or supplement it with more junk clothing. Besides being personally annoying, it has a terrible effect on the environment. So I’ve tracked down a few companies that make basic t-shirts that are way, way less likely to just fall apart on you, and way, way more likely to be comfortable for a long time.

The ‘basic, unadorned t-shirts’ part is a little reluctant, since weird asymmetrical shirts are my favorite, but I don’t expect them to be everyone’s. And I want to help!

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Ballet Flats With Arch Support

I used to own one or two pairs of shoes at a time.  Big, clunky, super-comfy shoes, sandals when I could get away with it.  I wore them until they gave out entirely.  Then a previous job made me hyper-self-conscious about appearance and social signals, so I changed.

For about a year, I wore just plain old ballet flats that you could buy at any shoe store.  Then I noticed a large, soft bump developing at the top of my foot.  Turned out ordinary ballet flats are both too narrow and not supportive enough for my feet.

I want people like me to be able to easily find arch-supportive flats.  So here are my personal favorites, along with other options that might work for you.

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But Why?

I started this blog because you’re not alone in your search for:

  • skincare that actually works and is scientifically proven
  • beautiful, comfy clothing that fits and won’t fall apart after three wears
  • shoes that are supportive without being hideous
  • more ethical options in clothing, accessories, shoes, and skincare

I don’t promise that I’m on-trend.  I do promise that I’m a giant nerd about everything I recommend.

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